Altar creates a totem with all the necessary elements; v shaped legs for the amp, height adjustable hook (for guitar or bass), a tray for accessories and space to hang the cables/straps/headphones to stay together neatly and handy because as it is said… Out of sight, out of mind


My current expertise on design has made me overcome this project and cover the whole process; from the initial concept to the production process, graphic design, art direction, factory and logistics troubleshooting and press/marketing.


Hi, I’m David, technical design engineer and music enthusiast. I have been designing products for 10 years; from sofas and tables, to lamps, floor tiles or door knobs in our design studio www.laselvastudio.es. I started this concept as a class project and picked it up to finish developing it.


I started this project with a real problem / necessity that I aimed to solve and use in my day to day.

Altar is a new approach to the standard floor guitar stand or the wall hook. It goes beyond keeping your instrument accessible as it is designed to give the user a new experience, not only by helping to show-off your rig but to keep everything organized